A General Service Company




BESC group is the result of merging several long-standing activities (25 years+) for the benefit of clients.

The first has been providing a wide gamut of services to the diplomatic community. The second has been focused on helping Businesses and Public sector towards more sustainable development.

Together we strive to propose the Best Belgium has to offer in terms of business and diplomatic support activities.

Lately BESC has diversified its activities in providing clients with unrivalled price & quality in jewellery items.

Today, Besc group oversees four branches of activity :

Full service in IT from supplies to equipment, installation and support our clients can chose form ca 15000 items some of which are also available on a rental-to-own basis.

Our Sustainable Business Development section provides advice and support to busineses and Public authorities on where and how to best leverage sustainable methods and objectives.

Our Knowles & Noël's Diamonds branch and its extended network of contacts worldwide caters for selected clients in providing the best the Diamond World (and jewelry) has to offer.

Last but not least, our Diplomatic offering is based on trusted and confidential services to the diplomatic world mostly installed in the Brussels area. Our services tend to help diplomat’s setup their residence and offices in Brussels, hosting meetings and receptions, help bridge the gap between the diplomatic and business world, etc.

Today BESC shareholders and its service team work hard every day to improve and provide excellent services that suits your needs.